How to Find a Personal Trainer

The job of a personal trainer is not all about beating you with roid roars and kicking you in the face to make you sweat. After all, it is still your body. A trainer can be just as bad as your body if he or she doesn’t have the right skill sets to accomplish what you want. You don’t need to be knocked out cold every time you workout, but the trainers don’t have to be the best athlete either.

Experience does count, as does specialization. But personal trainers can’t take all the credit.

So, how do you find a trainer? There are a few things you can look for when choosing a trainer. If he or she has experience working with your goals, then he or she should be up for the task. Other things to consider are his or her personal coaching credentials and other awards and recognition.


To choose the right trainer, ask him or her what their thoughts are on consistency. They should be able to offer a range of suggestions for training based on your personal needs and the objectives of the workout. He or she should be able to walk you through the details of each and every session and make suggestions based on what you are currently doing.

Personal trainers should be able to give you information about your health, too. Does he or she provide medical references? If not, ask them for one. They should have access to medical experts and personal trainers who can tell you about your current medical situation and whether or not it would be appropriate for you to train in that way.

Trainers also have a duty to ensure that your clients feel safe when working out with them. You should be able to talk to them about their emotions, feelings, and reactions to training. It is important to hear all about their experiences and try to reach aconsensus on what worked and what didn’t. Remember that even the most experienced trainers fall short of meeting all clients’ needs. So, they should be able to have answers to your questions.

Another tip to help you find the best personal trainer is to ask for references. How do you do this? Just give them a call and ask for names and phone numbers. When you get back to them, tell them that you are looking for an exercise and sports fitness coach and ask them for any references they may have.

After you have gotten their names and contact information, you will be able to go on a “list” to find out what a personal trainer is like. This list should include at least three individuals who can give you valuable input.

Ask each individual to give you some background information on them. Learn who they met, who their friends are, and what their highest achievements are. You will be able to determine which trainers and coaches really “get it” and find out which you should work with.

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions during this process, since you should know everything about these trainers before you start working with them. Don’t just look at their credentials and ask if they have any medical insurance. Make sure they understand that you are in this for your health and that they must be completely committed to that goal.

To test out the trainers and coaches, you can schedule some “field” training with them. Find an area of your home or office where you know you will not be disturbed. Take some dumbbells and weights and set up a weight bench. Have one of the trainers come over and teach you how to use the equipment properly and also show you the basics of resistance training exercises.

After several weeks of this, start asking the trainers and coaches who they have worked with before. This is the best way to determine which of the trainers and coaches actually get it. At this point, you will know which ones you want to work with and which ones you want to skip.